Lawn Serivces
Residential & Commercial we give you nothing but the best. We do as we say we will. Our Quality speaks for its self and so does the employees that produce the work. We do our best to do 110% then other companies in the Houston area. Our maintenance is not only good QUAILTY but that we can communicate with our clients. We know how difficult it can be to be on the same page and to understand one another. Protex provides great communication to the maintenance and not only do we produce great quality, we are very organized with our work. Our employees are very respectful and nice to get along with and we are here to help you as much as we can at any location.
Our landscaping department is great. Prices are competitive, we may not always be the cheapest but we can guarantee that the communication will be there and quality of the product. We stand by what we do and do our very best to make your dreams come true. Our job as your landscaper is to give you the glory of a great landscape not just to your eye but to the public eye. We are insured, credited by BBB and much more with others. No job is too big, from developing subdivisions to just your standard landscape we have done it all and will continue to provide great service for all clients.
Watering is a big factor in Texas. Really any place with heat water is a factor to a strong green yard. We provide great service at a fast install and warranty any product that we install. To a Rain Bird or Hunter we have installed them all. We do our best to point you in the right direction and will always tell any client irrigation is a must with any plants or grass. It’s not only great for your yard but it also adds value to your home. So why not call Protex for a free estimate! Also to any of our clients that are serviced by protex gets a discount. We want to make sure our customers stay happy!
Outdoor Lighting
Lighting is a great feature to any structure or plants. It’s not just used to give light to the beds or a building but to bring life to the area is what protex says. Your landscape can be in the dark and just not look good but once you brighten the beds or building up at night it’s just a different look and a feeling. All lighting installs come with warranty and the time its need to make sure it’s done right. Lighting is not only great for flower beds and building but maybe a walk way that is just too dark. Lighting can add some value as well specially help with the public eye when viewed. Call for free estimates!
Artifical Grass
Are you tired of watering and your bill being more because of watering the grass? Maybe you tired of mowing your yard or paying someone to maintain it, or better yet you just can’t get grass to grow because of the shade of trees. Artificial grass is not cheap but is a great direction if you are looking for a better way of having life in the yard. Artificial is pet friendly and can last up to 10 to 15 years before replacing or having any issues. Artificial grass is great as well, maybe you would like a putting green to practice. You can do anything, height and shade of grass putting green etc. No matter what you decide you won’t lose that grass look all year long for the next 10 to 15 years. Call to get a free quote and find out more.
Chan Link, Custom rod iron, Pine, Cedar, Stain fences we do it all. Screws or nails we have installed many styles and different ways. Fences are great for privacy or protection, from 4ft to 6ft may be taller if requested. We have no fear but great quality and understand for every job. We put a great plans together for all of our jobs no matter the department to make sure things get done on time. Fences can be done in a day sometimes longer just depends of the size of the fence. Call Free Estimates and we even do repairs.
Retaining Walls
Walls are a great feature, they not only look good but can help with drainage or a dreadful slope. Walls can be as tall as the engineering part of the wall can go and as long as the customer wants. They are not cheap but when they are needed by someone they won’t look bad at all. We have been building walls for over 10 years from working with pavestone to their competitor. We have used different material at almost all jobs. All jobs require different forms and of course the cost of what clients are looking to spend. All jobs have their limits, for us we don’t have a limit but a great job and we warranty all the work that Protex lawn and landscaping provides!
Land Clearing & Ponds
From Tree Removal to much more we now offer Land Clearing for any Residential and Commercial property owners. No matter the size of the job we have all kinds of equipment to take care of the job. From land Ccearing, tree removal or even digging ponds Protex is a qaulity growing business. Call for free estimates!
Gravel Driveways
Gravel roads or just a parking lot. We have done them all from spreading and rolling to just spreading. Call for free estimates.
Chemicals are a very important key to someone grass. It’s like a human and sometimes we need medicine to keep us on our feet. Fertilization is the key for a green yard besides watering. It helps with the strength of the roots and the look of the grass. Bugs/insects that can accrue. Fertilization is a must and should be applied at least 4 to 6 times a year and even more. Fertilization is not a bad thing but a good thing. We been doing this for years and will soon in 2016 have our own truck doing nothing but fertilizing on a weekly to monthly basis for our clients.   
Decks are great for the back yards or maybe in the courtyard. Decks can cost almost what a concrete slab cost depending on how crazy you get. You can also spend less then concrete for a regular simple deck. We have done them all for all kinds of clients to commercial or residential it’s the product that matters and we do our best to deliver that. They can take a day to a week depending on the size of the job. No job is too big for us as we have done many. With great prices and Quality we look for nothing but the best for our customers.

We do much more 

Protex Lawn & Landscaping does many services from other departments as tree removal concrete installs from stamp, brush and much more. If you are looking for a great estimate then give us a call or send us a email anytime from Monday - Friday 9am to 6 pm