Who We Are
We are an honest landscape company servicing the North Houston & surrounding areas. Whether your need is for commercial or residential services, our goal is to provide our clients with great quality work at great prices. Each day we look forward to building and maintaining good customer relations, while providing quality, reliable service. The professional, knowledgeable staff at Protex Lawn & Landscape wish to continue growing and servicing all your landscaping needs for years to come and truly believe that quality really does count. We bid it to get it!
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What We Do
  1. Lawn Maintenance
    Lawn Maintenance
    Residential & Commercial Maintenance we make sure that our quality of work stands out more then any company. Most all prices include EVERYTHING.
  2. Landscaping
    Residential & Commercial Landscaping that we provide to our customers is a dream look that they are wanting us to produce for them with quality. Not only that to catch the eye of many others to say WOW!
  3. Irrigation
    Residential & Commercial irrigation no matter the size of the job we make sure to give you the best quality and price to any of our customers. Warranty included with any product we install!
  4. Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor Lighting
    Lighting is great for any place, it improves the look of the landscape of any structure. Also, great for places that don't have much light that could use some lighting. Rather its landscape areas or walk ways, we do it all.
  5. Artificial Grass
    Artificial Grass
    Artificial is great for anyone that don't mind the expense of install. You get a good 10 to 15 years out the artificial. Animals can even use the restroom. Saves you money over time and always looks good.
  6. Fencing
    Cedar, Stain, Pine even Chain link and custom rod iron fencing. Protex does all this with great prices and quality. Please contact us if you have any questions
  7. Retaining Walls
    Retaining Walls
    Any wall that we put our mind to can be built. Experience for the last 10 years of building walls. Any style height or length Protex takes pride in any project.
  8. Land Clearing / Ponds
    Land Clearing / Ponds
    Residential & Commercial Land Clearing for all Customers. No Matter if its normal tree removal, digging a pond, clearing land for a new home or just to be cleared we can do it. Call for free estimates!
  9. Gravel Driveways
    Gravel Driveways
    From any style gravel you are looking for call us for free estimates!